The Other Side Continent gives the reader a rare opportunity to explore one of the most arcane aspects of antiquity: the possible crossing of the Atlantic in ancient times.

A 20 years' effort to ORGANIZE a lot of INDICATIONS about ancient ocean explorative voyages under a LOGICAL PROCEDURE, rejecting excesses and expediencies as far as this is possible in the dimension of a simple man. A lot was written in the past about the same subject. Much of this material being under the pretension (political, ethnic, religious) common in human character. The book includes 133 photographs, drawings and watercolor paintings that help illustrate the results of a 20 plus year study of ancient explorative voyages. Presented in a simple, understandable format, "The Other Side Continent" details sea voyages on the world's great oceans, including all those components that give light to an ancient effort to explore the Atlantic Ocean and probably even the American Continent.



Michail Varvarousis was born in 1974 Thessaloniki of Greece, where he studied Medicine and specialized in Anesthesiology. In 2004, he published a two-book collection, "Mystikon Fylakas Agelos", and he is a member of the Writer’s Union of Northern Greece. Along with his interest in researching ancient and medieval maritime history, Michail is also participating in offshore sailing races as the captain of the sailing vessel: AGIA IRINI - GRE1390.

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