Mysticon "Fylakas Aggelos"

The “Mysticon Guardian Angel” includes two colourfully illustrated books in a luxurious packaging.
International Serial Code Number (ISBN) 960-630-429-9.

The first book (novel - 504 pages with 54 watercolour paintings) refers to the logbook of a Mistico (type of a Byzantine sailing ship). It is an era novel, based on many real historical events of the 15th century A.D. and describes the life and work of a group of people who designed and built an exploration ship, in order to travel to unknown regions of the Atlantic Ocean.

The second book (supplementary handout with 240 pages and 112 coloured and black-and-white images / drawings) includes supplementary data, carrying the reader to the spirit of the epoch, the seamanship, the weapons, the coins, the maps, the nautical - astronomical instruments, the time measurement systems, the religious and philosophical beliefs of that time.

This Collection was the first official work of the author, providing a source of inspiration, experimentation and pursuit for many other issues relating to the history and the evolution of the human civilization.

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