Michail Varvarousis

Michail Varvarousis was born in 1974 Thessaloniki of Greece, where he studied Medicine and specialized in Anesthesiology. In 2004, he published a two-book collection, "Mystikon Fylakas Agelos", and he is a member of the Writer’s Union of Northern Greece. Along with his interest in researching ancient and medieval maritime history, Michail is also participating in offshore sailing races as the captain of the sailing vessel: AGIA IRINI - GRE1390.

From his childhood, he loved the sea. At the age of 22, while he was studying Medicine at university, he started writing a historical novel about the story of a Medieval Ship that finally was published in Greece in 2004. Collecting information about maps and medieval texts about the seas, he found some quite interesting elements of history that were unknown to most people. This motivated him to investigate the matter further. Through this procedure, he found more and more elements that were indicative of an ancient effort to explore the oceans. This was the beginning of a long journey and although he found quite a lot of difficulties and resistance (the matter has provoked mixed reactions in the past due to the phenomenon of pseudoarcheology and human tendencies to rewrite history for ethnic, religious and political purposes), he was finally able to organize the clues of ancient explorative voyages into a book that could provide a basis for further research.

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